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What does land with a perfect ten, however, is the topless scene from Stacey Ashleigh Cohen, who bares her amazing rack 25 minutes in! Free Claudia Neidig nude gallery, Neidig Claudia naked pics downblouse pics and paparrazi photos, looking for downblouse celebrities or downblouse celebs? Nowadays it's easy to find new real sexy nude pictures of Claudia Neidig - full nude uncensored! It's not great, like most of National Lampoon's direct to video offerings, but it's got Andrea topless in it, which is more than almost any other film can claim! Women who are one and done are tops in our book, and this brunette beauty brought plenty of talent to her role in this sequel.

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  • The only highlight of the film comes courtesy of busty beauty , who rolls around in the surf and slips a solid two thirds of her left breast out of her one piece! You've come to the right place! Lucky for us she bared her beauties in the following year's which was actually filmed in '81 under the name National Lampoon Goes to the Movies, but shelved until '83.