Czech spy 2 - A spy drama set in communist Prague: HBO’s The Sleepers

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He starts to tell her about the last time he had so much trouble delivering a package, during the Great War.

  • After 1941, the Czechoslovak Communist Party became increasingly involved in the work of both branches of the national resistance foreign and domestic.

  • In the years shortly before her death, her friends and neighbors, together with the , championed on her behalf for her to be awarded the.

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Waking up from a coma, she realises that her husband has disappeared without trace.

  • A young medical student, Jan Opletal, was fatally wounded in the incident.

  • Directed by Ivan Zachari√°Ň° and OndŇôej Gabrie, the miniseries tells the story of a Czech dissident couple, Marie and Victor played by Tatiana Pauhofov√° and Martin MyŇ°ińćka , who decide to return to their homeland after spending a decade in political exile in London.