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Twitch Player: I'm Done Being a 'Boobie Streamer'

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5 Twitch Streamers Banned for Flashing Viewers (Updated)

And Twitch has given us the chance to check out Dizzy's antics every day, or at least try and count the giant number of plushies she keeps in the background of her set.

  • Mostly she streams World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

  • Her favourite League of Legend champion is Miss Fortune, but she also plays other Champions like Morgana, Vi or Sona from time to time.

The Stereotype That Women On Twitch Are 'Asking For It'

Stream sniping is a common tactic to gain an advantage in a video game by watching the live stream of an enemy player.

  • How does this woman have less than 100,000 followers? She's a cute and lively streamer, so if you've got a cool five bucks to spend, feel free to check her out.

  • Kelsie her real name mainly focuses on playing League of Legends.